Claire-Ann Niibu

Claire-Ann Niibu brings over 20 years of real-world and classroom experience in business. Her passion is to engage with students from all walks of life and help them succeed in their careers and personal journey. Claire teaches and, in the words of her students, is known for “making business and accounting fun.” With a unique ability to translate complex subjects into simple English, Claire is known for her sense of humor, bright enthusiasm and great energy. Claire enjoys working with small businesses. She believes that small businesses are at the heart of America’s story. Her over two decades of accounting and management experience spans across different industries including construction, non-profit, retail, finance, medical, and legal services. By relying on her real-world experience, she presents a fun, enriching and exciting experience for all students. In pursuit of her passion for helping small businesses, Claire is now a trusted advisor and coach for all students who want to learn about business in an accessible, straightforward and convenient manner. The skills students will learn from Claire’s class will open new doors for success throughout their entire lives. Get started on your business journey today by learning with Claire!


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